MADRID International Tech-Matching Companies Day

April 23, 2024

Invest in Madrid

A unique opportunity to immerse in the technological ecosystem of MADRID.

For companies approved by the Madrid City Council, in addition to attending the event,

A personalized agenda will be organized for them in Madrid. This Agenda allow them to establish high-level contacts within the ecosystem.

Accommodation and breakfast expenses covered up to 4 nights in Madrid.


  • Have been operating in their home country for at least 3 years.
  • Have an international expansion plan.
  • Not yet established in Spain but have a real interest in exploring it.
  • Belong to the Industries: cybersecurity, eHealth & Smart Technology
Madrid, Spain

Why Madrid?

  • Madrid is the main engine of the Spanish economy, the 4th largest economy by GDP in the European Union. Madrid is also the 5th region by GDP in the EU.
  • Madrid is the 3rd most populous European capital after London and Paris. It is the centre of a metropolitan area of more than 6.5 million inhabitants.
  • It is forecasted to grow faster than both the Spanish and European average in the coming years.
  • Its dynamic, open and internationalised economy offers unbeatable access to the European Single Market and to emerging economies in Latin America and North Africa.
  • Capital of the Spanish language, one of the languages with the greatest economic potential in the world and a market of 560 million speakers.
  • Highly diversified service economy, supported by a strong industrial base with a growing weight of tech and knowledge-intensive activities.
Why Madrid video



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