Our Team

We are a team of passionate digital marketers with over 20 years of experience in the traditional/digital media and advertising

We have experience the digital transformation in the Media and Entertainment Industry, from the adoption of the Social Media, Digital Advertisement, to the 5G technology...  and everything in between!! 

That give us the expertise and the know-how of understanding the real needs of all sides, the Client, the Agency and the Publisher. 

Our objective is to create a client partnership relation that will produce real business results. We offer personalized attention to all our customers. 

Marketing Digital, Mobile marketing, digital services.
Marketing Digital, Mobile marketing, digital services.

About Us

Rosalba Zepeda

Rosalba Zepeda Tielve

Alberto Mosquera

Alberto Mosquera

Chief Operating Officer


Jordi Pons

Jordi Pons

VP Global Business Development


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